CPU, 메모리 부하 테스트 프로그램

eat_cpu_mem.c 코드 내용


// This program can be used for simple CPU and MEM load tests
// This program puts almost 100% load on one cpu core and consumes specified amount of RAM (main memory)
// Please note that the timing behaviour changes based on CPU clock etc., so tune the constant accordingly
// Usage a.out  

int main( int argc, char *argv[] )  {

        long * holder, rand_val=989978777;
        int i;
        long long j, timed, long_type_mult_factor=134217728, mem_in_gb;

        double x=945346346464.3453453453,y=7899.345345345,z=2343523523.242342342;

        if( argc == 3 ) {
                // printf("The argument supplied is %s\n", argv[1]);
                timed = atoi(argv[1]) ;
                mem_in_gb = atoi(argv[2]) * long_type_mult_factor ;

                printf("This program will run for approximately %s minutes and consumes %s GB of RAM \n", argv[1], argv[2]);
                printf("Please note that this exists with SIGALRM (14) signal\n");
        else if( argc > 3 ) {
                printf("Usage a.out  \n");
        else {
                printf("Usage a.out  \n");

        // Allocate memory
        holder = calloc(mem_in_gb, sizeof(long));


	// Burst CPU

                y = sqrt(x) * sin(z) * pow(25,y);
return 0;


컴파일하여 바이너리 생성하기

# gcc -lm eat_cpu_mem.c -o eat_cpu_mem.o

테스트 실행하기

# ./eat_cpu_mem.o 2 1

2분 동안 약 1기가의 메모리를 소비함.



Program to eat CPU and Memory on Linux - Electron Proton

Program to eat CPU and Memory on Linux

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